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Sinai in Arabia
Meet HIM at THE Mountain
A tribute to Ron Wyatt

September 21 – 28, 2020

Dear cherishers of the Word of God:

After the tremendous blessings experienced during several previous tours to the real Mount Sinai, it is my pleasure to offer to you and your friends an exclusive tour.

• The reason of this good news is that since September 28, 2019, citizens of 49 countries can obtain a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia.
• There are no restrictions to picture taking and filming.
• Women are welcome on the tour. The Saudi dress code has been considerably simplified (no black abaya or veil requested any more).

With anticipation of the privilege to welcome and guide you soon in this once in a lifetime experience,

Sylvain Romain, Sinai-in-Arabia, +43 676 833 22 16 22 Exclusive partner of Ron Wyatt discoveries
Proposed Itinerary:
1st day: Arrival in Tabuk
We welcome you at Tabuk International Airport. Visit of the Archeological Museum, some ancient Arabian mud houses and the Ottoman Fort. Those who prefer to rest or arrive early enough may enjoy the spa or other facilities of our hotel (Swiss Inn).

2nd day: “The great and terrible wilderness”
Early drive through impressive rock formations until we reach the foot of Jabal-AlMaqlā, the real Mount Sinai. Our time belongs to meditation around the sacrificial site, the pillars and the Golden Calf altar -- not to forget the huge graveyard of the rebellious Israelites. Like God’s people of old, we spend the night among friends in reach of the majestic mountain lighted by the starts.

3rd day: Meeting at the holy mountain 
Easy climbing of the Horeb. Enjoy the reward of the rising sun from Moses’ rock with the Tree and the Cave where Moses and Elijah hid from the Glory of Yahweh. Afternoon in the desert. Second night at the foot of the Mountain.

4th day: Rephidim and Mara
Our program brings us to the other side of the Sinai: Rephidim, famous for its split rock, source of living water, and the hill from where Moses overcame Amalek by the power of prayer. Afternoon in the Wadi of Mara. Overnight in Haql.

5th day: Elim and the Land of Midian
Through the desert of Sin, we reach Al-Bad’, the Midian of old, and visit the troglodyte city and rest at the well where Moses met Zipporah. Picknick at the twelve springs of Elim. We reach our hotel before the sun disappears over the Egyptian hills and invites us to celebrate the Sabbath. Overnight in Haql.

6th day: The Crossing Site
Shabbat worship on the Red Sea coast, stopping at the Crossing Site for swimming, and snorkeling where the Israelites walked on dry ground. We enjoy the twilight over four countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saud Arabia. Overnight in Haql.

​7th day: A last day on the Sinai site
A last day on the Sinai site. Some of us may want to walk until on the top of the Holy Mountain. After celebrating Yahweh’s goodness, we pack our jeeps for a ride along the Saudi side of Wadi Rum -- where the Israelites probably went through. Back to Tabuk, a dinner like in the 1001 nights rounds up the journey. Overnight in Tabuk.

​​8th day: Take the dream back home 

After a lavish brunch, we head to Tabuk airport where our tour ends. Those who are not in a hurry are invited to some last shopping. You may also join the next tour (see below).

General Information:
o No special physical fitness is required and therefore no age limit.
o No specific health risk.
o The limited number of 15 participants guarantees personal attention and a manageable group dynamic.
o We have carefully selected our hotels and restaurants. Vegetarians, vegans meat eaters, etc., there is enough for every taste.
o In the desert we will mostly picnic. A large variety of fresh and dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, bread and spreads as well as drinks are always available. We also have muesli, almond milk etc. for breakfast. We are planning to camp at the foot of Mount Sinai (two nights). We have rented a small house for electricity, water, showers and rest rooms (and for those who prefer to sleep inside).
o A valid passport (at least six months) is sufficient for entry. The Saudi visa should be applied online (e-visa). A comprehensive travel insurance is included in the visa fees. Entry with passports having an Israeli stamp will be denied.
o In case or higher demand, the same tour might be offered from September 28 to October 5. If this date is convenient or of you want to book both tours (with a reduction of 600 USD on the second), let me know!

Price: 2,480 USD per person, covering:

• Five nights in the best available hotels • Two nights in tents • Full catering and drinks • Airport shuttle service in Tabuk • All transportations in SUVs (Land Cruiser or Yukon) • Tour guiding • All entrance fees • All gratuities
Not Included:

• International flight(s) from your starting point to Tabuk and back • Single occupancy supplement (250 USD) • Visa fee (440 SA
Payment conditions:

• A deposit of 500 USD per person as a validation of the inscription • The balance payment should arrive on the account 30 days prior to arrival. • Also be aware of the limited capacity (15 people per tour).
Payments should be done via bank transfer (www., etc.) to: Sylvain Romain, Postbank Stuttgart, Kesselstraße 19, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany IBAN DE68 600 100 700 161 206 706, BIC PBNKDEFF

Please note that the price of the trip covers the trip expenses AND parts of the preparation expenditures needed to make this tour possible. Using this preparation work for commercial purposes without prior agreement is unethical.

o Sylvain Romain, o Pastor and Islamic scholar, o has lived in the Middle East for six years and regularly spends time there, o was 15 times at Mount Sinai, o has been organizing and conducting tours for 40 years - out of love for the country, the people and the Bible.
o organizes the tour in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as such, has an exclusive right to access to all sites legally,
o exclusive partner of Ron Wyatt discoveries.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Sylvain Romain Handelstr. 24, 4963 St. Peter am Hart, Austria Phone, WhatsApp: +43 676 833 22 16 22.
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September 28 - Oct 05, 2020