This world is starving for the bread of life, the word of truth that Jesus is waiting to give those that seek. The problem is many do not realize they are starving, and many do not know from whom or where to receive the truth! Truth always sets us free! But from whom can you trust? Test them in my word, Jesus says. (be careful what version of God's word you use to do the testing! Only the King James version is unadulterated.)
Since I married the daughter of the late Ron Wyatt, the Lord has been using me to help get the word out to those that are seeking Jesus, enabling mankind to understand what Jesus has done for them. Ron was also used by Jesus in so many powerful ways. The most enlightening and powerful way was the discovery of where God's ark of the covenant is today, and what happened on the day when Jesus was nailed to the cross and how that involved God's ark! Also, how that act of Jesus is most important to us still today. The realization of the true and whole story is life changing. You will find this truth in this DVD. Watch it with prayer, and the Holy Spirit will be with you.

Mr Smick writes:
One of the most distinguishing claims made by proponents of the Bible is that it is an actual record of history, detailing the lives of real people, real places, and real events. Much debate has occurred among biblical scholars who affirm the historicity of the Bible and critics who contend that the Bible is not historical and should not be read as such.
This DVD chronicles a number of dynamic archaeological discoveries made by archaeologist Ron Wyatt over a 22 year period of work in Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. The physical evidence of Mr. Wyatt's archaeological discoveries affirm a number of key Biblical events including: The nation of Israel's Exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses; the location of the Red Sea crossing in the Gulf of Aqaba; the charred remains of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the Saudi Arabian location of Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments were given to Moses; the crucifixion site of Jesus; the location of the Ark of the Covenant; the ancient Egyptian lifting devices used to construct the great pyramids; that the identity of the Egyptian Imhotep is the Biblical Joseph who's foresight and planning saved the land from a devastating 7 year famine; the lava-encased remains of Noah's Ark located in the mountains of Turkey.
Archeology has been described as the scientific study of the human past where the knowledge and understanding of human history extends beyond the limits of written records. The physical archaeological evidence presented in this DVD is a must see for anyone fascinated by history and wanting more than written records. For those with an interest in Biblical history, the wealth of materials in this DVD (photos, videos, artifacts, etc.) will further affirm the historicity of the Bible and the credibility of the Christian faith.
The production quality is above average and contains over 4 hours of video including a number of touching segments where Ron Wyatt shares about his life experience. Each archaeological find is a separate segment and can be viewed on its own, separate from the rest of the DVD, making it useful as a classroom teaching aid or to introduce others to Biblical archeology. 5 out of 5 stars.    Smick

June writes:
The DVD, Revealing God's Treasure, was so excellent. Anyone interested in learning about the wonders God performed in the days of the Israelites and how it affects us today needs to see this DVD. It is well done and well worth purchasing.

Mr Winters writes:
Amazing documentary! Why is this information not all over the web? Beautiful encouragement to believing in the Lord.

Thys writes:
I realy learned alot from Ron`s discoveries.This dvd is a real treasure and I recommend it to any Christian.

GOD bless Thys

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