Dad wrote many articles, many of which were published in his newsletters.  He had a deep concern about some doctrines that were taught  today in many churches, that he believed were in error. Sometimes he felt impressed to write about these subjects. Other times, he wrote about his discoveries and how they pertain to us today.

1. Angels

2. I "Will Give You An Expected End"

3. The Last Call

4. Lord, Lord!

5. Prepare To Meet Thy God

6. Christ Will Soon Return...

7. Straight Talk With Ron

8. Tribulation and God's people

9. Laminated Wood on Noah's Ark

10. The Exodus

11. Noah's Ark

12. Quotes and Comments on the Red Sea Crossing and Mount Sinai

The following articles are written by Dennis Schelles (Ron's Son-in-law) concerning subjects that we believe are of vital importance for our understanding today.

What day is Holy, Saturday or Sunday?

A Sword or a Glade (part 1)

A Sword or a Glade (part2)

The Mystery at the Cross

Where are we in Time?

We recommend the following books to all our visitors. You can click on each book to read it in it's entirety. We hope you will be blessed!

Selections from some of the books.

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The following articles are written by
Mary-Nell Wyatt Lee (Ron's widow, now remarried) concerning subjects important to us in these end times.

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