Michelle and I were both raised in Christian homes. I met Michelle in the second grade and said someday I would marry her. Well, it took 40 years or more before it happened. Now we live on a small farm a little south of Nashville Tn.

We both are active in our church and welcome any chance we can get to point others to Jesus. This is the foremost reason for this website. Not to brag or talk about the finds of Ron Wyatt, Michelle's father, but to tell of what Jesus has done to strengthen yours and our faith.

We want every living soul that walks this earth to know about Noah's ArkArk of the Covenant, the Red Sea Crossing, Sodom and Gomorrah, the real Mount Sinai, The Mystery and many others. But most importantly, what Jesus has done for you and I at the cross. 

When we study these stories and accounts in the Bible, then we can see for ourselves, and with our own eyes, that the places and things are as described. It is very uplifting.
All who have ever studied God's word can tell you, the more you study, the more things come together, and the closer your walk with God will be.
It is our blessed hope that someday very soon we will meet and spend eternity together with our Redeemer.

God Bless,

Dennis and Michelle
If you have been following the work of Ron for any length of time I am sure you have run across a critic or two. Quite often a statement by these critics will mention the impossibility of all the finds by one man.
So how did Ron find all these discoveries that have alluded man for so many centuries?
This short video taken of Ron talking to a group of people on one of his tours tells how he did it!

In his (Ron's) own words.

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